What Is Parsley Tea Good For: The Miracle Herb

Going natural and green has become the latest craze when it comes to improving one’s health and everybody is talking about the superfoods and the benefits of drinking tea and herbal infusions. Even the black tea benefits, forgotten for so long, are now back in the spotlight.

There are plenty of natural herbs and spices that can help taking care of many of our health problems, and they’re much cheaper than over-the-counter medications. One of these beneficial herbs is parsley. When you think of parsley, you probably only think of that garnish on the side of the plate that no one ever eats, but parsley can be used to make you feel healthier and give you more energy than you ever thought possible, just by making a tea out of it. So what is parsley tea good for?

The Surprising Parsley Tea Benefits

Parsley tea has been regarded as having one of the most therapeutic properties for centuries, and it’s one of the most common herbs that people grow in their gardens. It’s rich with essential vitamins and minerals that can help to boost the immune system, treat kidney ailments, and help the body to shed unnecessary weight.

Its high vitamin A and C content also makes parsley a wonderful antioxidant that not only eliminates the free radicals present within the body, but also helps the body’s immune system to fight infectious diseases. If you’re still wondering what other parsley tea benefits there are, then the next few sections should arouse your interest.

Parsley Tea Benefits: Miracle Weight Loss Cure

The parsley tea benefits don’t only stop at fighting diseases and strenghtening the immune system; it can help you get rid of those pounds that have been hanging around for too long. Parsley tea has been known to help with shedding pounds by serving as a diuretic, forcing the body to lose excess water. This stored water can be the result of PMS, too much salt in one’s diet, or certain medications. This excess fluid buildup is removed and flushed from the system, allowing your body to return to a normal, healthy weight. Parsley tea weight loss makes it easy for you get slim without having to set aside time each day for working out and counting calories.

Parsley Tea Benefits: Flushing out your Kidneys

So what’s so good about a diuretic? It makes you urinate a lot, which can be annoying, but parsley tea diuretic can help to keep you healthier. It was even used during World War II to treat kidney infections and dysentery.

This is due to the amount of potassium that is present in parsley. Frequent urination can prevent certain kidney and urinary conditions, such as a bladder infection, and eliminating excess salt that may be present in the kidneys. With parsley tea, you could eliminate any chances for kidney stones and damage to the liver.

Parsley Tea Benefits: Warnings

Knowing exactly what is parsley tea good for is beneficial to your health, but it is important to remember that there may be certain drug interactions. Do not use parsley tea if you are using other diuretics, aspirin or warfarin. Aspirin can increase one’s sensitivity if there is an allergic reaction to parsley, and warfarin is a blood thinner, which counteracts the blood clotting abilities of parsley tea.