Everything you need to Know about Senna Tea

Senna is an herb with white, yellow or pink flowers that grows in tropical climates all over the world. It has been widely applied as a laxative in many countries around the world for years. Today it can be found in the form of teabags, capsules, liquid extract and loose tea as well. At present this plantĀ is used to support the weight loss processĀ as well as a laxative. The benefits of senna tea have earned it widespread interest. Below we take a detailed look at just how this herb works to achieve the objectives in the above stated uses.

How Senna Herbal Tea Helps Ease Constipation

Senna is known to have laxative properties that enable the stimulation of intestinal contractions and hence move stool through the intestines easily. This, coupled with the fact that consumption of senna tea increases the level of fluids in the colon as well as the level of electrolytes, helps to soften the stool. Softer stool moves through the digestive tract smoothly and hence, these two main properties make using senna tea for constipation a great option for all affected by this common health problem.

Weight Loss Benefits of Senna Herbal Tea

The weight loss properties of senna tea are mostly reliant on the specific weight loss regime employed. When it comes to most fast weight loss diets, constipation is a common side effect. To help dieters keep up with such diets the laxative properties of senna herbal tea come in handy.

Senna tea is also a great substitute for snacks before meals; this helps reduce calorie intake and hence aid weight loss efforts. Senna herbal tea is filled with flavor and therefore can help dieters enhance their fluid intake. According to research findings; increasing fluid intake helps in suppressing hunger and hence helping dieters eat less.

During dieting, it is important that the nutritional value of the little food dieters consume gets absorbed into the body in its entirety. This can be substantially aided by a cleansed bowel. Senna laxative tea detoxifies and cleanses the bowel and thus makes it easier to absorb nutrients from the food dieters eat. This is vital in achieving the optimum level of metabolism while maintaining the diet limits as stated.

Side Effects of Senna Herbal Tea

While the use of senna herbal tea is touted as a great natural way to cleanse your bowels while at the same time aiding weight loss efforts, it is important to note that there are some identified side effects. Diarrhea, stomach cramps and even stomach discomfort are listed as some of the common side effects of using senna herbal tea. It is recommended that this tea be only used for the short term i.e. under two weeks. Long term use poses health risks including liver damage and muscle weakness among others. What is also important to remember is that a balanced diet and exercise form the basis of a healthy and permanent weight loss and herbal teas, including senna tea, green tea and parsley tea can only support the process.